If you need video sync for audio work (film score, foley, sound design), this is the application you need. Install the latest version from http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net by modifying the SlackBuild on Slackbuilds.org.

Xjadeo is a video viewer that syncs to JACK, such that it becomes a video monitor for any audio device using JACK. It is the go-to application for film score composition, foley, and sound design work.

Strengths [Weaknesses]


A good click track can get around any need for realtime sync, but if you want a modern workflow with realtime, accurate sync between audio and video, Xjadeo and JACK is the perfect combination.


Of all examples for the argument of modularity, Xjadeo possibly fits best; one video monitor which syncs to JACK, and any musician or sound artist can use any music application they please to do their sound design.

Weaknesses [Strengths]


Traditionalists who prefer to work by click tracks will dislike using a modern tool like Xjadeo.


Xjadeo is a slow-moving target and basically feature-complete. It is usually safe to install the latest version available from http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net.

If the version on the website does not match the version available on http://slackbuilds.org, modify the version number in the xjadeo.SlackBuild file and install.


To use Xjadeo, launch it from the K Menu or from a terminal. Some clock should be running; probably, you are using Xjadeo for its JACK compatibility, but if you want to experiment with other systems (like ALSA MIDI as master) then you are free to do so. For the purpose of this demo, JACK is assumed.

Once xjadeo has launched, right-click on it screen to bring up the contextual menu. From the Sync menu, select JACK to sync to JACK.

At launch time, choose the timeclock to use as a master sync.

To load a video into xjadeo, just drag and drop the video into the xjadeo screen. You should not play full-quality video in xjadeo if you are doing sound design (score, foley, effects); save your resources for the sound. Instead, create a reference video at half (or less) quality and play that; this is called a “reference video” and is common in the industry. Mpeg4 is a safe format.

To work on the soundtrack of a video, pick a DAW and launch it. Xjadeo will follow its playhead, whether you jog, shuttle, play, rewind. Where the audio transport goes, xjadeo goes.

Juggling all the potential windows of a DAW and general computing can get cluttered, and your video window sometimes gets lost. With your mouse over the xjadeo window, press a on your keyboard to keep the xjadeo window on top of all other windows at all times, no matter what. You can also achieve this from KDE itself; right-click on the window title and select More ActionsKeep Above Others.

Sound and vision.