Samplv1 is a stand-alone and LV2 sample trigger. It can take any sound and manipulate it in ways you probably never thought possible.

Strengths [Weaknesses]


Samplv1 isn't just a sample trigger, it's a synthesizer that uses samples as its basis. Take any sample you have and load it into Samplv1 to manipulate every aspect of the sound.

Weaknesses [Strengths]


Samplv1 is not a sample mapper. It will not take a GIG file and map it to the keys of your controller. It's a sample trigger and synthesizer.


Install samplv1 from, from the audio/samplers group.


Launch Samplv1 as a stand-alone application from the K Menu or from a terminal:

$ samplv1_jack

It is also an LV2 plugin, available within most any DAW of your choice.

Samplers rejoice, this is the sample manipulator you have been dreaming of.

Samplv1 is an intuitive application; double-click on the sample panel to load a sample. Offset the pitch of the sample with the Sample dial, activate or de-activate looping, and manipulate the envelope and LFO of the soundwave with the GUI controls.

The second tab of Samplv1 features global effects.


If you are using Samplv1 as a plugin, your DAW manages all of your session data for you.

If you are using it as a stand-alone application, then sessions can (and should) be saved along with any project data used in your current musical composition. The drop-down menu at the top of the Samplv1 window serves as the Save and Load interface.

To save a preset, type in a name and click the Save button.

To load a preset, click the Open button.