Luppp is a loop machine designed for live performance and loop-based improv. It can trigger samples in a variety of ways, allowing you to build stacks of sounds into unique compositions.

Strengths [Weaknesses]


Luppp lets you build live performance around loops, meaning that custom beats can be created on the fly whenever you're feeling inspired.


Luppp is a simple and straight-forward application. It triggers loops.

Weaknesses [Strengths]


Loop-based composition is a niche, and that's the main paradigm in Luppp.


Install Luppp from

Finding Loops

If you lack loops to use with Luppp, download a good set of material at

Also find loops from

Create your own loops with jackbeat.


Launch Luppp from the K Menu or terminal.

The vertical strips in Luppp are channels that play loops. Each channel can play one loop, and all channels can be played simultaneously. Each channel can hold a bank of 10 loops.

To load a sample into a channel, right click on an empty slot and choose Load.

To play a sample, click on it once. A loop won't play until beat 1 of the total loop range, so you might experience a few moments delay the first time you start a loop playing. Holding until the first beat of the global loop range ensures that your loops never lose sync with one another.

To stop a playing loop, double-click on the active playing loop.

Any action in queue turns blue. In other words, if your loops are blue in colour, then on the next loop, some action is scheduled to change: either the channel is about to change to a different loop, or it is going to stop playing.


Each horizontal row of each channel can be triggered simultaneously by playing a Scene. Scenes are accessible in the column on the far right of the Luppp window.


With scenes, you can create larger patterns, until you have enough material to get you through an entire song.