A Better CD Encoder (abcde) is a simple shell script meant for quick and simple CD ripping.


Install abcde from It has several optional dependencies, depending upon what formats you want to be able to rip to; for instance, if you intend to rip to aac or musepack then you need to have those codecs installed.

If you are unsure what codec you have installed, check the listings of available codecs that abcde can use (listed in the README file of the SlackBuild) against the contents of your /var/log/packages/ directory:

$ ls /var/log/packages/*faac*

Install any codecs or packages missing that you require; all are also available from


Configuring abcde can be done on a system-wide level or a per-user basis. To configure it per-user, just copy /etc/abcde.conf to the user's home folder as .abcde.conf; any ~/.abcde.conf overrides system settings.


Using abcde is as easy as typing in the command:


As long as your configuration file has been set up, abcde will look at your optical drive for an audio disc to rip, and process the songs. Transcoded files are saved to your current directory.

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