Videogrep is generative art software that searches (or “greps”) through a subtitles file of a movie, and re-edits the movie file according to search terms found in the subtitles (and therefore, the dialogue itself).

Beware! This is part of Slackermedia's Fringe Collection. This application is not a “normal” art application, and is experimental not in stability but in results. You may or may not find this at all interesting, depending on your artistic sensibility.


Videogrep is a Python script and as yet is not packaged for Slackware. The install is pretty simple, though.

From, install pysetuptools.

Download the source code and create a Slackware package for yourself:

$ git clone
$ cd videogrep
$ mkdir /tmp/vidgr
$ python install --root=/tmp/vidgr
$ cd /tmp/vidgr
$ su
# /sbin/makepkg -l y -c n \
tmp/videogrep-`date +%F`-`uname -m`-1_SMi.tgz
# installpkg /tmp/videogrep-*SMi.tgz


Videogrep does not “hear” the movie you feed it, it requires a valid subtitle file in the .srt format and located in the same directory as the movie file.

Provided you have these things, start videogrep:

videogrep --input path/to/video_or_folder --search 'search phrase'


There are several “tricks” you can use with videogrep (searching by word classification, searching for silence, and so on), so for full documentation and a few ideas, read the project's documentation at