Jack Rack

Jack-Rack is a straight-forward, no-frills host for LADSPA effects. It enables you to use any LADSPA (version 1) effect unit on your system as a stand-alone application rather than as a plug-in for a DAW.

LADSPA effects in a Jack Rack.

After you launch jack-rack, add effect units via the Add button in the top toolbar or its menus. Each effect creates a JACK input and output, so you can send any signal into each effect and the processed signal to anything else in your studio.


When using Jack Rack, its sessions must be saved along with your project in order to be restored the next time you use the rack. Save sessions in FileSave. A Jack Rack session contains only what effect unit is loaded into the rack, not the routing in and out (for the routing, the over-all JACK session must be saved with a tool like aj-snapshot .