K3b is an optical disc ripper and burner. There are few disc formats that it cannot handle, so you can use it for nearly anything you have to do involving optical discs.

K3b, for all your optical media needs.


K3b is pre-installed with Slackware.

K3b is able to use the libdvdcss library to read encrypted DVDs, as long as you have it installed.

When to use K3b

K3b is highly recommended for ripping audio discs, burning data discs, and burning audio discs. It does have the capability to do more, but there are easier solutions for a few of them, notably:

  • For burning DVDs with interactive menus, you may find Bombono easier.
  • For ripping encrypted DVDs with multiple chapter markers, you may find HandBrake or Thoggen easier.

As optical discs seem to be falling out of fashion for the most part, K3b is becoming less essential to everyday workflows, but it's a solid application with heaps of features directed at getting information on or off of optical media.