Slackermedia Handbook

Slackermedia is documentation providing the information you need to create a full multimedia studio running on Slackware Linux. Its philosophy is to use only the best and most stable multimedia content creation tools that Linux has to offer. This not a beta testing exercise or a development platform; unproven technology need not apply. This is building a studio so you can forget about the tools and get down to creating cool stuff.

The Online Edition

Previous versions of Slackermedia were published as books or ebooks; this all-new handbook is intended to be an ongoing up-to-date look at the process of building and using Slackware as a multimedia production environment.

Typographical Conventions

This text attempts to follow common conventions in technical documentation. Most of it will be intuitive, but to be clear:


  • application names
  • commands
  • filename


  • gui elements: labels, tabs, buttons, window_titles
  • Keywords, jargon, or important phrases


  • Emphasis


Alert box

Important information that, if ignored, will cause something to fail.


Important box

Information that could confuse new users, but that will probably be common knowledge to experts. Pay special attention to these notices to level up.


Tip box

Optional information that often represents what the authors and other users of Slackermedia do, but may or may not be useful to you, depending on your personal style.


Too Long; Didn't Read

For the impatient. These boxes sum up the contents of a chapter or section. If you only need a reminder of what to do, go straight to these boxes. If you are a new user, these can be useful summaries, but you should still read everything.