The Workflow Edition

What is Sport?

Long ago, applications were downloaded from websites and installed onto a computer. On modern computers, "app stores" are used to ensure security and compatibility.

Sport is Slackermedia's text-based app store.

How do I install sport?

Installing Sport is easy.

  1. First, download sport from and read it over.

    $ git clone

  2. And then run the included SlackBuild.

    $ su -c './sport.SlackBuild'

    Install it with installpkg

    $ su -c 'installpkg /tmp/sport*tgz'

    Or, if you are upgrading from a previous release of sport, use upgradepkg (let x.x represent the new version of sport to which you are upgrading):

    $ su -c 'upgradepkg /tmp/sport*x.x*tgz'

  3. If you are using sbopkg already, then the default values are probably already appropriate, and you can skip this step.

    If you are only using sport then you may wish to define the location of your local and remote slackbuild repositories. To do this, open up /etc/sport.conf and set the SBOPATH and MASTER variables (note the lack of a trailing slash on SBOPATH and the trailing slash after MASTER):


    Remember, you can either use the default (which ensures compatibility with sbopkg) or you can use any path you prefer (personally, I use /usr/ports, which does not exist, so I create it first).

  4. Now you're ready to start using sport.

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