The Workflow Edition

What is Planter?

Keeping assets organised for artistic endeavours is always difficult, so establishing a directory tree that provides structure and order to a multimedia project is important to the creation process, and vital to the integrity of the archived project. However, creating a complex directory tree each time a new project is created can be confusing and tedious.

Planter creates a standardised, full directory tree for multimedia content creators.


The Sales Pitch

Say you are going to write a book called Slackermedia. With Planter, you create a project directory tree containing all the folders you need to keep your project organised. You spend some time writing, you produce a helpful book, only to realise that you need to design a cover.

Luckily, thanks to Planter, you already have a directory tree for graphics, fonts, and final output. If you decide later to expand your book into an audio book, you already have the structure for a full audio production. Want to make it into a movie? graphic novel? it's all ready to be populated in your project tree. And when you have finished, you can archive the entire book folder, secure in the knowledge that should you ever need to return to it years from now for a special anniversary release, you have every asset required to resume work on the project. No more missing assets!

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