Click to get the Genhydro python script.

Genhydro - a python script for turning a directory of sounds into a Hydrogen Drumkit package.

What is Genhydro?

Genhydro is a Python script by Klaatu and Doug that takes a folder of sound files and converts it into a Hydrogen drumkit.

How do I get Genhydro?

If you use git, you can clone the repository:

$ git clone

Otherwise, go to the Genhydro git repository and download the file and place it into a folder in your executable path (such as ~/bin or /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin).

How do I use Genhydro?

Change to the directory containing your .flac files, and run

Should I use Genhydro?

Genhydro works, but it is not terribly robust. So far it was used to create 99 drumkits that went into the Great Multimedia Sprint v2, so it has been tried and tested.

In other words, yes, it is safe to use. But it might "feel" a little clunky.

In the future, we plan on making it a lot more Unix-y with command-line options and support for Hydrogen's very cool drumkit features (such as velocity structures). But for now, it works well enough and will get you up and running if you have a bunch of sounds you need to get into drumkits pronto.